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Telling the Stories of the Famous and Forgotten Tragedies of the

19th & 20th Centuries

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About Catastrophic Calamities

Catastrophic Calamities is a twice-monthly 60-minute podcast telling the stories of famous and forgotten tragedies of the 19th and 20th centuries, with the occasional forays reaching further back in history. 

Host Susan Ferman, a witness to the tragic 1994 Northridge earthquake (Episode 1), focuses on  the communities and people whose lives were changed forever by tragic circumstances beyond their control. Some episodes will cover natural disasters, some that were caused by people, some just an unlucky confluence of both.  All of them, deserve to be remembered. 

Catastrophic Calamities is a production of Pulpular Media.


Executive Producer is Richard O Jones, producer and host of the podcast True Crime Historian.


Episodes will be released on the second and last Tuesday of each month.

About Susan Ferman

Susan Ferman is a freelance journalist, reporter, voice actor and former talk show host on local radio station KRFP, Moscow Idaho, who has made several appearances on sister Pulpular Media podcast True Crime Historian on the Himalaya network.


Susan has an abiding conviction that both survivors and those who lost their lives deserve to have the calamities and catastrophes that changed their lives, families and communities forever remembered.

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